Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree Removal in Los Angeles

Backyard trees provide fresh air and shade in our neighborhood.

They can also give us fruits which we can enjoy during their season.

However, you should know that trees can also be dangerous, especially if they become a falling hazard.

That’s why ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles is here to help you when you want to remove a tree on your lawn or the neighborhood.

With our skilled arborists, you can ensure quick and safe tree removal service.

The moment you feel that a tree is in danger of falling, you can always rely on us for an emergency tree removal.

When Do You Need an Emergency Tree Removal?

Sometimes, homeowners don’t know that their tree can be dangerous.

So, we prepared this guide on when you should call ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles.

Trees Under Electric Lines

Trees can grow as tall as the height of your electric poles or even higher.

As the tree owner, you should ensure that your tree’s height is less than 25 ft. or depending on your state’s regulation.

When the branches touch the wires, it could cause power failures since it can disrupt the electricity flow.

Moreover, animals might climb up on trees and touch the electrical wires or poles accidentally.

If your tree is under power lines, it is better to remove it to prevent accidents or property damages.

Before a Storm

Trees, especially those that have a smaller trunk diameter, cannot withstand heavy storms.

They can become a fall risk and cause property damages.

Moreover, once they fall, they are harder to clear and clean.

So to avoid dangerous trees before a storm, you can always ask ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles. 

We provide quick and hassle-free emergency tree removal with our advanced and safe cutting techniques.

Disease or Insect Infestation

Trees that have a disease or insect infestation will most likely spread them to other plants or trees.

It is best to consult a tree service expert to know how severe the disease or infestation is.

Here at ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles, we can give honest advice on when to remove your trees once they suffer from diseases or infestations.

Once we see that your tree requires removal, we can do it right away to save your other trees or plants.

Why Hire Us?

Clearway Tree Service Los Angeles is a well-trusted and established garden service provider.

We are a team of certified garden landscapers and arborists who are ready to remove your trees the moment you call us.

Here are the reasons why you should hire professional arborists than removing the tree yourself:

Quick and Safe

It is a fact that tree removal is a dangerous activity.

One mishap and you could pay some property damages, especially if you live in a neighborhood with houses close to each other.

Let our certified arborist do the job for you.

We guarantee a quick and safe tree removal service.

Our team has the necessary tools and equipment to finish the removal without any faults.

Also, if you don’t know that your trees are injured or infected with diseases, we can assess them for you.

Complete Tree Removal Service

Aside from cutting the trees, we also discard them properly using our trucks.

After the job, we make sure that the area of the removed tree will be spotless.

We could also clear the stumps using our heavy-duty machinery.

Don’t hesitate to call us since we are just a call away.

Certified Arborists in Los Angeles

In removing, pruning, and maintaining trees, it is best to rely on our certified arborists.

We have trained and studied for years to bring you high-quality tree services in Los Angeles.

Our knowledge and expertise on tree removal are the best and the most trusted in Los Angeles.

Moreover, we have developed advanced and efficient methodologies to service you in your best interest.

We always prioritize your need, so our emergency tree removal is available 24/7.

Call Our Team Today

When you want to remove your trees, don’t hesitate to call ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles. 

Ask us for a quote, and we will provide you with the details of our tree services in Los Angeles.

Aside from tree removal, we do all kinds of tree services, such as tree trimming, pruning, maintenance, hedging, and many more.

Set an appointment now, and we promise that your garden or lawn is in good hands.

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