City Trees in Los Angeles: Understanding Who’s Responsible

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Los Angeles, often dubbed the “City of Trees”, boasts a diverse range of tree species gracing its streets, parks, and residential areas. But, have you ever stopped to wonder, who exactly is responsible for maintaining this urban forest?

City Responsibility

The city government, through the Bureau of Street Services, oversees the care and maintenance of trees planted in public areas. These typically include parks, city streets, and public buildings. The city is responsible for planting, pruning, and removing city trees.

Homeowner Responsibility

When it comes to private properties, the responsibility lies squarely with the homeowners. They must ensure trees on their premises are well-tended, not posing a risk to people or property. For a more detailed understanding, our tree health inspection service provides a comprehensive assessment of your trees’ health.

Shared Responsibility

Sometimes, the responsibility can be a shared affair, such as when a tree sits on a property line. In these cases, both neighbors must come to an agreement on how to handle the tree care. Our blog post on neighbor’s tree removal agreement provides a thorough guide on how to navigate these situations.

Why Choose Us?

At Clearway Trees, we understand the complexity and importance of urban tree care. We provide a range of top-notch services, from routine maintenance to emergency situations. Our team of experienced tree trimmers in Los Angeles offers expert knowledge, dependable service, and a deep respect for the environment.

Tree Services in Los Angeles

Tree Health InspectionComprehensive assessment of your trees’ health
Tree PruningEnsures healthy growth and structural integrity
Tree RemovalSafe removal of dangerous or unwanted trees
Stump GrindingRemoves leftover stumps after tree removal
Emergency Tree Removal24/7 service for removing trees after storms or accidents
Vegetation ManagementInspection and management of vegetation to prevent fires

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should city trees be pruned?

City trees should be pruned every three to five years. This all about tree pruning guide provides a deeper look into the reasons and techniques for pruning.

What if a city tree is causing damage to my property?

If a city tree is causing damage to your property, you should report it to the Bureau of Street Services. In the meantime, you might need emergency tree removal services.

How do I handle tree issues with my neighbor?

When dealing with tree issues on shared property lines, open communication is key. Our neighbors’ tree removal agreement guide can assist in resolving these issues effectively.

How can I protect my trees from wildfires?

Proper vegetation management, including tree pruning and removing dry plants, can help prevent wildfires. Our preventing wildfires blog post provides more information on this topic.


Whether you’re grappling with a tricky tree issue or looking to enhance your property’s green spaces, understanding who is responsible for city trees in Los Angeles is essential. At Clearway Trees, we’re committed to making tree care and maintenance as smooth as possible. Remember, trees not only beautify our city but also offer ecological benefits. Our professional tree trimmer team is always ready to lend a hand.

We understand each tree, each property, and each project is unique. That’s why we customize our services to fit your needs, offering everything from palm tree trimming in Los Angeles to free tree removal for seniors. So, why not contact us today and let us take care of all your tree-related needs?

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