Trees Ecological Benefits

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Trees have provided us with benefits since the beginning.

They provide the most basic needs of humankind – food and oxygen.

As our world evolves, trees provide shelter, tools, and medicine.

Today, the value of the trees continues to evolve as more benefits are discovered.

They continue to provide safety and our needs to fit into our lifestyles.

Hence, we will discuss the tree’s ecological benefits in this post.

In this way, we know how they are essential to our lives by taking care of them.

The Ecological Value of a Tree

Trees provide oxygen, improve air quality and climate, conserve water, preserve soil, and support wildlife.

These numerous benefits are why trees are allowed to propagate even in these modern times.

As part of the ecosystem, trees function by taking in carbon dioxide and producing oxygen that we breathe.

In fact, one acre of the forest takes in 6 tons of carbon dioxide and emits four tons of oxygen.

This quantity meets the oxygen needs of 18 people.

In addition, trees filter the air by removing pollutants and dust.

After this process, the rain washes them to the ground, making the environment clean again.

Moreover, trees moderate the climate by controlling the harsh effects of sun, wind, and rain.

The tree leaves the filter and absorbs the sun’s heat, making the air cooler during the summer.

Trees also keep warm temperatures by functioning as a shield from harsh winds.

They also shield us from rainfall, hail, and sleet.

Finally, they lower the temperature and reduce the heat intensity of the greenhouse effect by lowering the levels of carbon dioxide.

Hence, trees are important to our survival.

They reduce erosion and flood by absorbing the deposits after the storms.

Even the fallen leaves have a purpose. They make excellent compost to enrich the soil, which is perfect if you plan to grow plants in your yard.

Moreover, if you have trees in your yard, it’s crucial to take care of them.

Pay attention to what your tree needs, whether it’s tree trimming or tree removal.

In this way, you’ll contribute to a healthier environment in your area.

With this, don’t hesitate to call ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles for tree service in Los Angeles.

In summary, trees are beneficial. To better understand their purpose, we will round up the tangible effects of having trees in our modern world, or you can watch this video:

  1. Reduces Climate Change

As mentioned above, trees absorb carbon dioxide.

Nowadays, carbon dioxide is becoming harmful that contributes to climate change.

Thus, this is the current problem we are encountering.

Fortunately, trees can help reduce climate change.

They remove the harmful CO2 from the air to release oxygen, beneficial to survival.

In short, trees are the primary tool for our survival.

  1. Purifies the Air

Trees purify the air.

By absorbing the harmful CO2, it produces cleaner air for us to breathe.

They take in pollutant gases such as ammonia, sulfur dioxide, ozone, and nitrogen oxides.

  1. Cools Down The Streets

Global warming is not old news.

In fact, it is still rampant in this day and age, especially if you’re living in Los Angeles.

The average temperature in Los Angeles has risen by 6 Fahrenheit for 50 years.

This means the tree population is declining as time goes by.

Furthermore, the absence of trees could heat the streets.

Hence, if you want your area to cool down from the warm temperature of Los Angeles, planting trees is beneficial.

  1. Acts as a Natural Air Conditioner

Strategically placing your trees in your yard can prompt you to use less of your actual air conditioner in your home.

As trees cool down the area, you could spend less on energy costs which is good news for your budget.

Having trees not just cools the area but also provides environmental benefits.

  1. Prevents Water Pollution

Water from storms has pollutants such as phosphorus and nitrogen.

Without trees, the stormwater can flow into oceans and rivers without being filtered.

Trees allow water to be absorbed by the soil.

Hence, it prevents toxic elements from flowing through the ocean.

Final Thoughts

The trees’ ecological benefits certainly bring our world to a better place.

Not only will it restore the quality of life of our community, but it can also minimize climate change, purify the air, and so much more.

That’s why it’s time to plant trees in your yard, or if you currently have them, take care of them.

If you need tree service and consultation in Los Angeles, call ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles.

We’ll inspect the look of your tree, whether it needs local tree trimming, pruning, or removal.

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