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After a day of eliminating a tree, there is one job that needs more effort and manpower – tree stump removal.

Yes, we removed an unwanted tree from our property but we have one more problem to take care of.

Removing tree stumps needs a knowledgeable and equipped person to avoid the tree from growing again.

Luckily, ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles offers a tree stump removal service.

We do other tree services that can help anyone deal with property issues without causing more trouble on the land itself.

Before we do any service, we conduct inspections and do assessments to avoid another problem arising after the service.

Questions like, ‘Does it have a good root system?’, “Do I have to use chemicals or just stick to trusted equipment?”, and other tree-related questions.

Call our customer service team and we will be happy to lend our hands to service.

Here are the possible tree stump removal processes that we can do and follow:

Method 1: Use of Chemicals

Using chemicals to remove stumps is one way of avoiding intensive manpower and effort.

Why? We could just put the chemical on the stump and leave it until it dies.

However, this process takes time depending on the size of the stump itself.

It may take almost a year or more for a tree stump removal process to be complete for it rots the whole stump including its roots.

Researching and preferably asking information on the right chemical to use is the best way to make things easier and faster.

Local tree trimming companies offer chemicals that are of great use for this type of task.

If the trunks or stumps remain the same after a long time, seeking professional help from a trusted tree trimming company is our best option.

Method 2: Manual Removing of Stumps

This method is one of the most labor-intensive ones in which we have to do the removal process ourselves.

It may be possible to remove the stumps if we have the right tools and equipment provided that we already know the steps in doing so.

On average, removing a stump manually might take up to 12 hours depending on its size and the area covered.

Be sure to wear protective gear like goggles and gloves to avoid bodily issues and cuts during the process.

Method 3: Burning of Existing Stumps

Another DIY method that we can do is by burning the stumps provided that we can observe and avoid accidents during the process.

After all, any process involving fires and burns can be dangerous to the property, human life, and other external scopes.

This could be a combo method with any of the two methods above.

Be sure to look after it to avoid risky situations during the process.

Method 4: Use a Grinder

Large and multiple tree stumps are quite difficult for anyone to remove.

Using a grinder if we have one can make things easier and faster.

Of course, renting a grinder to a trusted company might be one of our options too.

However, grinding stumps may leave its roots still ready to grow anytime given that it is still ready to absorb nutrients.

It is ideal to partner it with other methods above like the chemicals to help in killing or potentially rotting the roots.

Method 5: Call in Professionals or Tree Experts

Doing any tree stump removal may last for a long time, maybe about 8 hours or worse a week.

Operating equipment may also be a labor-intensive task when we have multiple stumps in our property.

Luckily, we can always seek professional help and avoid a taxing job.

Generally, if we want to remove a certain tree we can contact a reliable tree trimming company to deal with it promptly.

We can negotiate about the price of removal and even avoid additional fees.

Renting a company’s grinder can also be one of our options as explained above.

Bear in mind that tree experts know what the right thing to do is and even follow international standards during the process.

ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles offers a stump removal option to owners who want to eliminate the tree.

We do site inspections and offer better services.

For more information, call our customer service team and we will be happy to be of great help.

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