Palm Tree Removal

Tree Trimming Service Costs in South Los Angeles

Palm trees are widely known to be one of the most used tree types for landscaping plants and other aesthetic purposes.

Usually, they grow well in tropical areas creating that ‘island vibe’ thing in both residential and commercial spaces.

Yet, sudden increase of its number within our properties can be unpleasant and space consuming.

To solve such an issue, we tend to remove it and change it to little green plants that could complement the kind of ‘feel’ we want.

Palm tree removal might seem an easy thing to do but bear in mind that we need to consider or have permits before doing so.

In this regard, partnering with a reliable and trusted tree service company in Los Angeles can be our best move.

ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles offers tree services including palm tree removal.

We can help in assessing whether we trim or remove the palm trees.

Thus, we can also help in collecting legal documents and other permits to legally remove those unwanted palm trees.

Call our customer service team and we will be happy to lend our hands to service.

Know-hows To Determine Whether to Remove Palms Or Not

Palm trees are a kind of tree that is durable and can last for a very long time.

Yet, it can be subject to infections and tree diseases that can change or destroy its ability to last long.

Pests, deformities, and other physical damages are signs that these palms need something.

Here are the know-hows to determine whether to remove palms or not:


Discoloration of leaves is a sign that the tree lacks nutrients and is deprived of water.

Thus, it is also an indication that it is subject to various pests and other tree diseases.

When the leaves seemed different, consider removing the tree before it infects others.

Curled Leaf Edges

Curled leaf edges might seem like it’s designed that way but it’s an indication that our palms are in serious trouble.

Curled edges are signs that it has pests living in it, so removing the tree is the only way to stop it from spreading.

Growth Issues

Lack of nutrients and other needed tree essentials causes the palms to have growth issues.

Growth issues in such a way that it grows unevenly and the tree is unproductive.

Trunk Base Troubles

One of the most visible signs that the palms are in serious trouble is the discoloration of the trunk base.

Both insects and pests make their way to their tissues, damaging the trees’ ability to grow healthy.

The best way to stop this is by removing the whole tree and eliminating its chances to infect other trees.

Palm Tree Removal Guideline

Fully-grown palm trees are subject to various issues like infections, nutrient deficits, and pests.

Sadly, an infected or bad tree may damage our property and can infect other plants.

Doing tree removal can be stressful to people without proper tools and equipment.

Partnering with a trusted company in Los Angeles can help us to avoid heavy work during the process.

Guide 1: Consider Relocating The Palm Tree

Research the type and needs of the palm planted within our properties.

It is best to know what are the plants within our estate are located to make things easier; especially when we need to hire a local tree trimmer.

Knowing what kind of plant we have can help us to locate the desired area for growing a palm.

We need to know that a certain palm tree type could grow better in their desired location within reducing its essentials to grow.

Relocating our palm trees in their right area can help them to grow and provide an ‘island vibe feel’ in our property.

Guide 2: Partnering With A Trusted Tree Company

Partnering with a reliable tree company can help us in saving a few dollars for maintenance and assessment.

As mentioned above, we can assess roughly whether our palms are in good condition or not.

Yet, having a professional or tree expert can make things easier and faster.

From the assessment to the removal, it will be our benefit to let the expert deal with the palm tree issue.

ClearWay Tree Services in Los Angeles offers palm tree removal services that can be of great help.

We do assessments, inspections, and other procedures before removing a certain palm tree.

Thus, we commit to doing the job right and offering a quality service.

For more information, call our customer service team and we will be happy to lend our hands to service.

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