Oleander Bushes Removal

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Here in Los Angeles, there are lots of things and sceneries for people to appreciate for everyday enjoyment.

First of all, the ever famous neighborhood of Hollywood that is the home of celebrities and movie stars.

Hollywood entices many local people and tourists alike with famous places like the walk of fame and beautiful landscape.

Next one are the beautiful and alluring beaches that can be found all over Los Angeles.

In Los Angeles, the waves never break and the beaches are forever here for people’s recreational activities.

Los Angeles is also famous for its palm trees.

The trees and bushes are always in the corner of our eyes in this alluring and busy city.

They add up to the beauty and aesthetic value of a place where many people visit due to its famous attractions.

But not all trees and bushes are harmless and beneficial for people and animals.

An example of it is the infamous Oleander bush.

In this article, we will talk about Oleander bushes removal and the reasons why to remove it.

ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles can provide you with the Oleander bushes removal for safety and aesthetic purposes.

So sit back, relax, grab a drink, and enjoy this article about Oleander bushes.

What is an Oleander Bush?

An Oleander Bush is a funnel shaped bush that comes in colors of pink, red, yellow, or white.

Oleander bushes contain sap that is gummy in texture and clear in its appearance.

Its lance-shaped leaves are dark green in shade

The flowers of this bush bloom at the cluster in the twig tips during the season of summer to fall.

The blooming flowers of an Oleander bush are plentiful and some variants of Oleander bush are fragrant to smell.

Oleander bushes commonly grow between 6 and 12 feet tall.

Some varieties of Oleander bushes can group up to 20 feet when taken care and trained for properly.

It is a small tree that is somewhat valuable for gardeners because of its showy and pleasing appearance.

Why remove Oleander Bush?

So why is there a need for the removal of an Oleander bush?

Gardeners, home owners, arborists, plant experts, and normal people like us have different reasons for removing this beautiful bush.

Whatever reason it may be, ClearWay Tree Services Los Angeles can handle it for you.

The two most popular and common reasons for Oleander bushes removal are for safety and aesthetic purposes.

Safety Purposes

Oleander bushes are known for their stunning and bright appearance in the garden.

Despite that fact, that little did we know that they are poisonous to humans and to animals.

Oleander bush contains toxic elements such as digitoxigenin, oleandrin, oleondroside, nerioside, glycosides, saponins, and other unknown poisonous toxins.

These toxins are found in all parts of the Oleander bush.

These are toxic especially when the Oleander bush plant parts are dried up or green.

Consuming these poisonous plant parts can seriously lead to illness and possibly, death.

Symptoms of ingesting Oleander bush could range from being mild to fatal.

It includes blurred vision, skin rash, stomach pain , nausea, vomiting, irregular or slow heartbeat, visual disturbances such as halos, etc.

Symptoms like  depression, loss of appetite, and halos in the vision are only present in cases of severe poisonings.

Aesthetic Purposes

In safe places where the professional gardeners know the harm of Oleander bushes, it could be grown for aesthetics.

We could remove Oleander bushes for you if you don’t like its effect on the overall landscape of your area.

Oleander bushes could make or break the overall appearance of your own garden according to your own preference.

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