How to negotiate tree removal? Money saving tips

how to negotiate tree removal

Well, tree removal is quite an expensive thing. So, you will definitely want to know how to negotiate tree removal. If I talk in your favor and suggest you hire a tree-cutting person in the best part of the year. It is the best thing that you can do to save your money.

The normal price of Tree removal

The tree removal price depends upon the size of the tree. It also depends upon the difficulty level of the tree. If the tree is stuck and it looks to cut it out. Then definitely the professional will charge higher. But if the tree is in the front yard and it has no obstacles around it then it will be quite a cheaper task. Similarly, if the tree is not a big size then the cost will also be less.

Below is the average price list that you can expect from the professionals:

 Size (FtFront YardBackyard
Small size treeUp to 15355$580$
Medium size tree15 – 25620$1,190$
Large size tree25 – 601,390$3,250$
Extra-large size tree60 – 1204,100$7,850$
Multiple-size trees (3)25 – 602,700$12,500$


Why tree removal is expensive?

Tree removal is quite expensive. Because it is not a very task. Companies have high prices because of overheads and the cost of the machines. Proper equipment is needed to run this business That equipment is quite expensive. Apart from that there is also include high labor cost. Heavy vehicles are also included in this cutting process. So, all these things make it quite an expensive task. Those vehicles include:

  • Truck
  • Chipper
  • Bobcat
  • Heavy crane
  • Cherry picker

So, all machinery is very heavy. Definitely, these will affect the cost of tree cutting services.

Best time for tree removal:

The best trick to save your money is to find out the best time of the year. In the 1 month of the year, there are few months when this task is quite cheaper and you can save some amount.

So, winter is always the cheaper time for tree removal. Because in winter it is quite cheapest other than other season. The reason for the low price in winter is that in winter there is less demand for tree removal. So that’s why companies do not charge high prices in winter. Because People in winter do not go into the gardens and enjoy the tree breezes.

How to negotiate tree removal?

So here I will tell you some tips by which you can negotiate tree removal:

  1. Keeps logs as firewood
  2. Remove the green waste by yourself. So, its n this way you can reduce the working for workers.
  3. Leave the stumps
  4. Prefer small local companies


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